The power of women 50+ for companies and society

With ESG agendas increasingly gaining space on corporate agendas, leading companies are committing to having an increasingly diverse workforce, especially with gender balance. 

This transformation in the world of work has been relevant, but it is still taking slow steps towards achieving gender equality at all levels, especially if we make intersectional cuts, and observe the data on women over 50 years old.

In Brazil, according to a report by the Cadastro Geral de Empregados e Desempregados (Caged), more than 700,000 professionals over 50 lost their jobs during the pandemic.¹ Even so, women have shown resilience, even suffering ageism in universities and companies . The case of Patricia Linares, 44, went viral on the internet after being the target of prejudice by 3 younger colleagues.² 

Cases like Patrícia's serve as an example for the creation of welcoming spaces, strengthening and a suitable environment for women 50+ to fulfill themselves. The Labora community has this goal. Currently, women are almost 60% of the 50+ talents who are personally reinventing themselves and preparing to start the second half of their professional lives. 

Honoring this movement, last year Labora, in partnership with the British Council, launched the reskilling Mulheres em TechLideranças Inclusivas, which saw more than 40 women 50+ from the Labora community develop their soft skills and advance their careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

The search for the program and the results obtained demonstrate that more and more women 50+ want to remain active, productive and leaders in companies and society. 

According to ImpulsoBeta, a diversity change management consultancy, the inclusion of gender, in an intersectional way with an age cut, brings quantitative and qualitative benefits to organizations, such as:

  • Maturity

Because they have experience in the most diverse types of situations and scenarios, women over 50 tend to have a more macro view and “hands around” when making important decisions.

  • Example

Who is not inspired by a person with a baggage full of knowledge? And the saying goes: “knowledge is passed from generation to generation”. For this reason, women 50+ offer more security to the team and are a source of inspiration for younger professionals.

  • Leadership

A 50+ leader provides appreciation and diversity, in addition to more strategic decision-making. Due to her experience, she is able to better understand market movements and anticipate problems. In addition to better resourcefulness to develop interpersonal communication skills and create a welcoming environment among the team.

Labora, believing in the power of women 50+ in organizations, has developed proprietary technologies that allow professionals to re-qualify themselves professionally and carry out flexible working hours, offering them well-being, quality of life and income, and for contracting companies, better performance and generation of social impact.

“For me, the role that Labora has been playing in the personal and professional lives of seniors is admirable, offering free different refresher and development courses and also promoting work opportunities in the flex system, not to mention the welcome and the effort to continuously offer more and more better opportunities. I am very proud to be part of this community and contribute not only professionally, but also for being part of this movement to conquer our space. We have a lot to contribute and Labora shows us the way to move forward.” Cristina Credico, associate professional at Labora.

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²Article published on the Uol website at:

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