Labora obtains recertification as a B Corp, proving its commitment to social impact

The year 2023 began with great news at Labora. At the beginning of January, we won the B Company recertification, granted by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in the United States, which since 2006 certifies companies that have a positive impact in the socio-environmental sphere, transparency and legal responsibility.

This is the reaffirmation of our commitment to transforming the world and generating a positive social impact. 

“We created Labora based on the understanding that the job market is changing drastically and working conditions are becoming precarious. Thus, we created a B Corp, generating a positive social impact, developing technology so that work becomes synonymous with well-being, social inclusion and income for millions of talents. As a result, we offer differentiated services and results to client companies, foster a community of +40,000 professionals in constant development and generate a virtuous circle of positive social impact”. 

Sérgio Serapião, CEO and founder of Labora

What is the B Certificate? 

With the market transformations in recent years, greater attention in the socio-environmental sphere has taken hold of companies. to stand out it is necessary not to focus only on profits, but also in the social and environmental development of communities and seeking solutions to the problems surrounding these scenarios. In our previous article on Blog Labora we talked a little more about this, access here

It was with this in mind that the North American NGO B Lab created a tool that evaluates, every 3 years, the operations of companies, balancing purpose and profit. This assessment analyzes management practices and corporate governance in a systemic way, from its relationship with suppliers, employees, community, environment and business models.

This is one of the main and most respected certifications awarded to companies committed to using their business model for good and generating benefits for society as a whole. The UN Global Compact joined the B-Lab, making the B Impact Assessment metrics the standard for SDG management in companies. 

In addition, the main investment funds are looking at companies with impact certification and use the B-Lab tool for this. 

The scope of certification 

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that even companies with excellent ESG practices can take months to years to certify. Certification begins with the "Impact Assessment B" and goes through 7 more stages. You can check all the details on how to become a B Corp on the website of Sistema B Brazil 

Sistema B Brasil has been a partner organization of B Lab since 2012, responsible for representing the B movement in Brazil, carrying out all engagement, dissemination and promotion of the local ecosystem of impact companies in the country. Today, Sistema B Brasil has almost 300 Brazilian companies certified B. 

Know more about Labora, certified B company, which has been transforming the future of work through the management of different forms of work and the productive inclusion of diverse talents, generating a positive social impact on companies. 

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