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Meet our team

Sergio Serapião . Co-founder and CEO

46 years old, social entrepreneur, fellow Ashoka. Founder of the LAB60+ movement and member of the B System board.
Started his career at Shell and Accenture. +20 years of experience in change management, network modeling and positive social impact business. He has been working for 16 years with longevity. Graduated in Business Administration (FGV-SP), MBA (IBMEC-RJ), post-graduation in Transdisciplinarity (Unifesp), Master in Organizational Leadership (TGI-USA).

Fernanda Zemel . Head of Community

30 years, co-founder of the Women Creating gender diversity platform.
Has always worked on projects that brought innovation and social improvements. +6 years of experience in startup environmenti, Stone, and co-founding of Women Creating, a platform focused on professional women. Experience in community creation and management. Graduation in International Relations (ESPM - SP). Entrepreneurship at NYU, New York. Volunteer in empowerment and social inclusion projects.

Ricardo Seara . Co-founder and Head of Talents

30 years, social entrepreneur in the area of Education and Longevity.
Has worked in sustainability and innovation consulting, project management for social impact, education & culture, and longevity, Entrepreneur in Education, game based learning, education maker, instructional design consulting and business for education startups. Followed the emergence of Lab60+ in 2014, collaborating on several fronts. Graduated in Environmental Management (EACH-USP).

Isabela Meyer . Head of Technology

31 years old, graduated in Administration is a specialist in project management and found herself in the world of programming.
Has worked in public and private companies, startups and NGOs in different areas. Graduated in Administration. She is a teacher at Le Wagon, one of the main programming schools in the world. Among the world of opportunities that programming has given, she found Labora in a perfect match! With an incredible team of people who are driven by passion, she does what she loves, what moves her and make it possible for her to be part of a social transformation in the world.

Walter de Mattos . Head of Operations

72 years old, graduated in Mechanical Engineering.
Has worked in companies in the financial, industrial, engineering services and systems consulting sectors holding positions in Management, Operations and Projects for certification of ISO and OHSAS standards. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering (ITA-1971), Systems Analysis (IBM-1973) and Post Graduation Course (FGV-1975).

Dinah Costa . Instructional Designer

35 years old, mother of Frevo, the cat. Believes in the power of education to change the world.
Has taught in different contexts: English for all age groups; Design at the Federal University of Sergipe and the Arch College of Design & Business in Jaipur, India. Graduated in Graphic Design (Unit-SE), Radialism (UFS), Master in Productive Chain and Sustainable Development (UFPE), post-graduated in Instructional Design (Institute of Instructional Design-IBDIN), post-graduated in Neurolearning (IBDIN) and Psychopedagogy (UniAmérica).

Elenice Ferrari . Senior Communications Counselor

63 years old, graduated in Publishing and Journalism, with MBA in Cultural Goods Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.
Worked for 38 years in the Documentation Department of Editora Abril and Memória Abril. After retiring she found the 60+ movement and Labora, where she concluded the certifications and participated in the Itaú Labora Project. She has always participated in movements to fight prejudice and poverty and in favor of valuing the individual and his rights and duties as a citizen. Currently she is engaged, together with Labora, in the movement against idadism and in the inclusion and valorization of seniors in the labor market.

Ana Paula Oliveira . Communication and Community Intern

20 years, journalism graduate (ESPM -SP), social projects volunteer.
At the beginning of her career, she has already worked as director of voluntary social development projects at AIESEC, writer at R7 and communication intern at Acredito. Currently living her first experience of social entrepreneurship with Labora. She is the founder of the content page "Esse Amor Era Cilada", a volunteer in the project for women's empowerment Connecting Women, and a representative of the black collective at ESPM.

Maria Luzia da Silva Melo . Operations Intern

23 years old, graduate student in Public Policy Management (EACH - USP).
Is a scholarship holder in an extension project at USP and one of the student representatives of the EACH Basic Cycle. She began her academic training in Gerontology and worked as a monitor at the Digital Inclusion of the Elderly Workshop at UNIFESP. She decided that she wanted to work with longevity through public policies of social impact, within institutions, hence the change of course. She became involved in studies about education and budget, because she believes it is a way to reduce social inequalities in our country. At Labora, she is a intern in operations in the financial sector.

Natália Aline da Silva . Institutional Intern

25 years, scholarship holder in Production Engineering (UAM-SP).
Has volunteered in projects that encourage the continuity of studies between young people and adults of various ages. Monitor of exact subjects at Anhembi Morumbi University. Her first contact with intergenerational integration is with Labora where she works as a intern in the institutional area.