Labora League

Accelerating generational inclusion
in the future of work

A think & do tank of
the future of work

The Labora League emerged in late 2020 as a think & do tank de aceleração da inclusão produtiva da diversidade geracional no futuro do trabalho. Foi criada pela Labora, em parceria com lideranças executivas, para viabilizar um ecossistema que discute e implementa a inclusão geracional no mundo do trabalho.

It is a think tank : it generates qualified knowledge to guide and accelerate the creation of new opportunities for inclusive jobs that value individual potential and are aligned with the trends and demands for talents.

It is a do tank: a space for reflection and influence to enable the creation of 100 thousand job opportunities and professional development for generational diversity in the short term.

One league, several possibilities


Companies that accelerate changes:
committed to generational inclusion and job creation.


Scale partners:
strategic for the generation and deepening of content and access to a wider audience.


Cause Ambassadors:
influential leaders in HR and related areas, who voluntarily lend their prestige and know-how for the cause of generational inclusion and diversity.


Change Agents:
employees of companies engaged in affinity groups and Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to accelerate the inclusion of generational diversity in their workplace.

Agile management

Labora League members meet virtually in monthly 1h meetings, and participate in a WhatsApp group to exchange achievements, ideas, and reflections.

The league is organized in squads by work fronts:

1. Media and Communication: production of podcasts, insertions of the generational agenda in the media, signed articles.

2. Mentoring for seniors: free and collective sessions that contribute to the construction of professional and life purpose and a development plan for reinventing work and the 2nd career post 50+.

3. Future of Work: Affinity groups and ERG to accelerate generational inclusion in companies

Como aderir à liga Labora

Being part of Labora League recognizes your company as a company that is conscious and intent on rethinking people issues, especially the integration of generational diversity, and that sees Human Resources as a factor of business differentiation, amplification of social impact, flexible jobs, professions of the future.

Does your company want to join the future of work?

Benefits for your company

Monthly online events in which your company can be a protagonist.

Labora League Connection:
Free, open, monthly meeting point for productive inclusion practitioners of generational diversity to exchange and accelerate their inclusion journey.

Collective online mentoring for 50+:
Opportunity for HR and non-HR professionals to connect and contribute to the transition of senior professionals.

ERG Acceleration:
Closed meeting for companies to exchange about their challenges, advances, and together, accelerate the transformation. Access to courses and literacy opportunities on generational diversity.

Development of cases and exposure as an employer brand:
1. Disclosure of its actions in the events, channels, and social networks of Labora League and partners; 2. Articles and video campaigns on the 50+ theme.

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Who is with us

Who is with us



Alessandra Morrison

Ana Cláudia Caltabiano

Beatriz Sairafi

Caroline Capernedo

Christian Cetera

Cintia Bortotto

Cláudio Neszlinger

Eduardo Marques

Elizabeth Rodrigues

José Luiz Schiavoni

Lia Azevedo

Malena Martelli

Marcelo Cardoso

Márcia Costa

Marili Ribeiro

Mario D'Andrea

Pedro Pittella

Rozália Del Gáudio

Veronika Falconer

Virginie Fernandez

League networks

Does your company want
to join the future of work?

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