Trends for the future of work that we find in Europe

The month of November was marked by Labora's visit to Europe. In the first week we were in Lisbon, Portugal, presenting at the biggest global technology meeting, the Web Summit. There were around 75,000 participants, more than 1,200 speakers and over 160 nationalities.

In the second week, we left for Bilbao, Spain, for the 1st New Longevity Summit, organized by Ashoka, a global meeting with social entrepreneurs, great leaders, local and international change agents. On the occasion, Sérgio Serapião, CEO of Labora, was one of the special guests for a presentation at the opening ceremony.

In the last Labora League Connection, Sérgio Serapião, told a little about what he found in the two events and what are the trends for the future of work. Among the main points are:

ESG: Environmental, social and governance issues have already been assimilated by the market. Companies are taking a more careful look at this agenda, looking not only at the financial bias, but also at caring for the environment and human relations.

Inclusion of seniors: The stereotype of the frail elderly is outdated and people with white hair are everywhere, carrying out activities that were previously considered exclusive to younger people. Seniors are establishing their place within society and companies must prepare to receive seniors in their workforce.

War for talents: In Europe, it is already noticeable how the workforce shortage is hurting companies, announcing that the talent war will be a global challenge in the coming years. Companies will have to adapt to new work formats and reinvent their selection processes.

Flexible job formats: New hiring models are a trend. Companies will start hiring for projects and services, offering flexibility in working hours and places.

Check out in full how was the last Liga Labora Connection in which Sérgio Serapião brings an account of his experience at the Web Summit and at the New Longevity Summit.

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