Black Friday: bet on the customer 50+

Black Friday, a date that is becoming increasingly known as a synonym for good opportunities to buy and sell, is coming, and now, it's time to bet on 50+ customers.

Recent data point to an increase in the number of people 50+ in Brazil and automatically a growing silver economy. A survey carried out by Hype60+ and Pipe.Social showed that 86% of Brazilians over 55 years old have their own income, and 49% of them still work.  

To guarantee excellent service to seniors, it is necessary to be prepared with a diverse and qualified team that guarantees a good customer experience from beginning to end.

That's why we've prepared some tips on how to charm the senior customer and do well in sales.

Be empathetic:

Empathy consists of putting yourself in the other's shoes to understand their needs. When seniors have a problem, they expect people to understand how it is affecting them in order to suggest a viable solution according to their reality.

Avoid the rush:

Experienced people expect quality care, including seeking greater attention. Don't try to force quick decisions;

Have an accessible store:

Reduce obstacles that hinder circulation, present store information with good legibility and speak clearly and slowly;

Invest in comfort:

Provide comfortable seating and services like home delivery.

Bet on a specialized team:

Including people specialized in customer experience can help increase operational performance, and consequently, sales.

Labora, the 1st HR Tech of social impact, focused on scaling up the inclusion of generational diversity, has developed a technology that enables dynamic and flexible allocation of certified talent in Customer Experience. Click here and find out how it is possible to have a qualified, diverse, economical and bureaucratic workforce. 

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